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In the Beginning:-

Opening of the Course

To celebrate the opening, an exhibition match took place between the course designer James Braid and Harry Vardon.  Braid and Vardon were the leading golfing luminaries of their day and between them they won the ‘Open’ Championship 11 times, in the years 1896 to 1914.

Description of the Course

The course has most of the features of a links course and is referred to in club records as a links course.  It commands magnificent views of the English Channel on the outward 9 holes and, on a clear fine day, there are splendid views of the French coast from Dunkirk to Cap Gris Nez.  Braid designed the course around the outstanding natural beauty of the landscape and, on the back 9 holes, there are superb views of glorious countryside overlooking the valley of Otty Bottom and the village of Kingsdown.
Walmer and Kingsdown tends to be overlooked compared to neighbouring links courses at Sandwich and Deal but it is considered a ‘hidden gem’ by many visitors who return here year after year.  One of the many striking features of the course is the peaceful setting, golden silence, glorious panoramic views and near total absence of noise pollution.  All of these features combine to make playing golf at Walmer and Kingsdown an exciting and uplifting experience.

War Interruption

The club was one of the first to be commandeered by the War Office for defence purposes in 1939 because of its geographical position and, at the end of the hostilities, the course was in such a state of devastation that it seemed unlikely that it would be used for golf again.  However, the Chairman, Mr. Theodore Instone and Vice-Chairman, Mr. Harry Weedon, purchased the course from its owners and they engaged a team of ground staff who dedicated two years to clearing and restoring the course.

Instone and Weedon returned the club in December 1948 when they registered the club at Companies House as a members club.  The aims of the club were set out in the Articles of Association; that it be a family club, catering for the moderate golfer with membership open to ordinary members of the community and with ladies welcome to play golf at Kingsdown.

Those aims remain the ethos of the club today.

The official re-opening of the Club took place on 11th June 1949 and it was commemorated by an exhibition match between golfing celebrities Henry Cotton and Max Faulkner.

Centenary Year

The Club celebrated its Centenary Year in 2009 with a variety of events and competitions throughout the year, including official functions and family fun days.  The highlight of the year was the Centenary Summer Ball held at the Duke of York Military School, Dover.

The Club Today

Today, we are a thriving successful club with a wonderful challenging course to test the skills of the club golfer and with membership of all categories near full.

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